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Collected Papers

Kenkichi Iwasawa was one of the most original and influential mathematicians of the twentieth century. He made a number of fundamental contributions in group theory and algebraic number theory. In group theory, he created the theory of (L)-groups (including the structure theorem called Iwasawa decomposition), which played an important role in the solution of Hilberts Fifth Problem. In number theory, he constructed a beautiful theory on Zp-extensions, now called Iwasawa theory, realizing the deep analogy between number fields and algebraic function fields. Iwasawa theory has had a strong influence on the recent development of arithmetic algebraic geometry, including the solution of Fermats Last Theorem. This volume of the collected papers of K. Iwasawa contains all 66 of his published papers, including 11 papers in Japanese, for which English abstracts by the editors are attached. In addition, the volume contains 5 papers unpublished until 2001. Also included is a masterly summary of Iwasawa theory by J. Coates (The University of Cambridge).



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Moray B. King proposes a design that could take advantage of the purported electrolysis overunity systems that apparently harvest energy from some yet-to-be identified power source -- possibly Zero Point Energy. His scheme creates a self-running system with a mechanism of extracting the excess energy for practical use.

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