The Making of Tests for Index Numbers.pdf

The Making of Tests for Index Numbers

Arthur Vogt has devoted a great deal of his scientific efforts to both person and work of Irving Fisher. This book, written with Jànos Barta, gives an excellent impression of Fishers great contributions to the theory of the price index on the one hand. On the other hand, it continues Fishers work on this subject along the lines which several authors drew with respect to price index theory since Fishers death fifty years ago.This is a highly instructive book on both the history and theory of measurement in economics. It is rather a rich source of interesting properties of more or less well known indices and famous men, especially Irving Fisher, than a precise mathematical text on the axiomatic foundations of indices. (From the Foreword by Wolfgang Eichhorn)



ISBN 9783790810110
AUTOR Arthur Vogt, Janos Barta
DATEINAME The Making of Tests for Index Numbers.pdf

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